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Thanks for visiting us via Facebook. Because you’ve come from Facebook, you get 10% off your premium. You can either complete the simple enquiry form and we’ll get back to you, or you can complete the detailed application form for the type of insurance you require. Just answer Facebook to the question “Where Did You Hear About Us” to get your 10% discount.

See What Some of our Customers Have to say…

“I slipped down the bank when approaching the tee and broke my leg.  The only good news was that Golfguard refunded the club subcription I had just paid”

“All my golf equipment was stolen from my garage a few days before I was due to go on a golfing holiday.   Fortunately Golfguard arranged the replacement of my clubs very quickly and I was able to  go away with my friends.”

“My golf trolley was taken by the strong winds and was smashed.   Luckily enough I was insured with Golfguard and they paid my claim so I was able to buy a replacement and keep playing golf.”

“I was very fortunate after 20 years playing golf  to get my first Hole in One in the Club’s Stableford Competition.  I was also pleased that I was  insured by Golfguard when they reimbursed me for the £95 bar bill.”