Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance arranged by GOLFGUARD was initially introduced for golfers travelling abroad to play golf or to enjoy a relaxing holiday. However, our Travel Insurance has proved so popular with thousands of travellers that the vast majority of our clients today are not golfers. 

Travel Insurance

We would be pleased to provide travel insurance cover for you whatever your age for either a single trip or multi trip annual travel insurance 

  • Our standard SINGLE TRIP TRAVEL INSURANCE is available up to the age of 85.  (Please note that our Single Trip Insurance  does not provide cover for a cruise.  However, we can arrange insurance cover for a cruise with an alternative insurer.   Please let us know if you require a quote for a cruise)
  • Our standard ANNUAL MULTI TRIP  TRAVEL INSURANCE is available up to age 79.

Important – Disclosure of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions – Cover for many medical conditions is included as detailed in the policy wording.   However, if you are interested in arranging cover and you have currently have a condition that is not included in the list, or have had a condition in the past  or anyone upon whose health a trip may depend on has, you must first contact our Golfguard Medical Screening Helpline on 0343 658 0349.  This would include if you are currently undergoing tests or if you have more than one condition.

Depending on the medical condition(s) that you require cover for, you may be asked to pay Medical Screening an additional premium.  This would be entirely your decision and would be paid in addition to the premium you pay us in respect of the travel insurance cover.      

 Please click here to obtain a Quotation and to arrange immediate Golfguard Travel Insurance.  

However, IF you require any of the following applies please ring us on 0800 581801

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance and you are over the age of 84.
  • Annual Travel Insurance and you are 80 years of age or over.
  • You are going on a cruise and require cover or are planning a longer trip abroad of over 90 days.

We are here to assist you whatever your travel insurance requirements.

Apply Online NOW

You can find out the cost and apply online for immediate travel insurance cover by clicking here, or alternatively phone us on 0800 581801 to discuss your particular requirements. All cover is subject to medical acceptance.

Please note that our standard Single Trip Travel Insurance does not provide cover for cruises. However we can arrange cover for you if you are going on a cruise or a longer trip abroad of up to 120 days with an alternative provider, so please ring us for a quotation if either applies.

If you require travel insurance cover for a forthcoming trip, please give us a call – we are here waiting to assist you.

Customers who have serious pre-existing medical conditions can view a directory of specialist Travel Insurance providers on the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) website here or call 0800 138 7777