About Golfguard

Since its founding as a golf insurance company nearly 30 years ago Golfguard has established itself as a leading sports and travel insurance specialist. We pride ourselves on providing quality insurance products and offer the highest standards of service. Whether you are a new customer or renewing with us we work hard to ensure we offer affordable golf insurance for individuals, golf clubs and societies and travel insurance for people of all ages. Our customers are the heart of what we do, thank you for considering insuring with Golfguard.

Golf Insurance

GOLFGUARD caters for all types of golf insurance including:-

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance was originally arranged by GOLFGUARD for golfers travelling abroad to play golf or to enjoy a relaxing holiday, but has proved so popular that today the majority of our clients are not golfers!

Cruise Insurance

GOLFGUARD also arrange cruise insurance for our clients.

Fishing Insurance

Are you a keen angler? ANGLERS FIRST INSURANCE providing comprehensive worldwide cover for anglers from only £79. We also provide cover for angling clubs.

Cricket Insurance

We provide cover for cricket clubs.