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Golf Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have been playing golf for 20 years and have never needed to make a claim or had an accident
 A: Lucky you! However, the reality is that there is an astonishing number of accidents that occur on golf courses every year that require hospital treatment as well as many thousands of sets of equipment being stolen.  Statistics prove that golf can be a dangerous and potentially a very expensive game.  A Manchester golfer who lost an eye during a round of golf was awarded £397,000 in damages.  The visiting golfer said that he ducked and put his hand up when he heard the cry Fore! Unfortunately his action did not stop the ball striking him in the eye.

Q: Do I need separate golf insurance?
 A: Very probably, the answer is yes. First, however, you should check your own house contents insurance policy to ensure the cover provided meets your requirements. You might wish to check whether you are insured if your golf ball hit a car or passer-by. Would you receive compensation if you were blinded by a golf ball? Only very recently one of our clients in their twenties lost an eye! Would your policy pay towards the cost of emergency dental treatment or a hospital stay necessitated by a golfing accident? Other benefits are also included in the GOLFGUARD Golf Insurance package – for instance we will reimburse your bar bill that you incur on the day up to £100 if you achieve a Hole in One in an Official Club Competition (medal or stableford). In our experience few of these benefits will be included in a standard house contents insurance policy.

Q: Is GOLFGUARD fully authorised to act as an insurance broker?
 A: Yes, GOLFGUARD Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our FCA Number is 310410.  GOLFGUARD is also a Member of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA).

Q: How much would golf insurance cover cost me?
 A: Details of our highly competitive premiums with a list of associated benefits are available on our web site. The annual premiums for full worldwide cover starts from only £22 (including Insurance Premium Tax) with the premium depending on  the value of your golf equipment. 

If you do not need cover for your golf equipment, our Selective Cover provides Personal Liability and Personal Accident Cover plus reimbursement of your bar bill if you achieve a  Hole in One – our cover costs just £15.00 for 12 months cover and details of both our Full and Selective Cover are available on our website.

Q: If I arrange GOLFGUARD Golf Insurance would my golf equipment be covered if it was stolen from the clubhouse or from my car in the car park?
 A: Yes, cover is included for golf equipment stolen from the Clubhouse or from the locked boot of your car at the Golf Club, subject to the full Terms and Conditions of the Policy.

Q: Who can apply and do you have to be a Member of a Golf Club?
 A: Cover is available to all amateur golfers provided that they are UK Residents irrespective of whether they are Members of a Golf Club or Society. Aged between 7 and 89 years old.

Q: I would like to include cover for my spouse and children – is this possible?
 A: Yes the annual premium quoted is per applicant.  We also have a scheme for junior golfers (aged between 7 and 17 years).

Q: Would my golf insurance cover me on holiday?
 A: GOLFGUARD Golf Insurance Policies provides cover 365 days in the United Kingdom. Cover is also provided for up to 120 days while you are playing at a recognised golf club abroad.

Q. If I arrange the cover on line how long will my policy take to reach me?
A. Once your application has been received and assuming it is in order, payment will be taken and confirmation of cover with the full policy documentation will be sent to you within  5 business days.