GOLFGUARD Golf Buggy Insurance from £44 for 12 Months Cover

GOLFGUARD Golf Buggy Insurance provides cover, as specified in the policy document on the website, for property damage, injury or death if you have an accident while playing using the golf buggy to play golf.

The policy is an annual contract and is renewable annually subject to the terms and conditions that apply.

If both Golfguard Golf Buggy and Golfguard Golf Insurance are both arranged, a 10% discount will apply.

The Key Features of the cover include:

  • Cover under all Sections will be provided 
  • Cover is available for both parties if the buggy is jointly owned.   An additional 50% of the annual premium selected is required to add a second owner to the cover.
  • GOLFGUARD Golf Buggy cover is available to amateur golfers who are UK Residents.
  • Cover is available up to the age of 89.
  • A 10% discount is available if both Golfguard golf buggy and golf equipment insurance are arranged.

Golf Buggy Documents

Main Exclusions include

  • Cover for the use of a golf buggy on a road other than when using a recognised road crossing between holes in a golf course.
  • A £100 excess will apply in respect of a claim involving damage to third party property and a £35 excess will apply to each and every claim under Section 3A – Loss or Damage to Golf Buggies.

More Info

You can access the KEY FACTS and the POLICY WORDING with the full terms and conditions relating to the GOLFGUARD Golf Buggy Insurance.

After reading the policy documents, you can apply for the cover on line GOLFGUARD GOLF BUGGY APPLICATION FORM. On receipt of a satisfactory Application Form and payment details, we will confirm cover and send you confirmation within 5 working days.